Jacinto Martínez. Animated cartoons 

My name is Jacinto Martínez, I live in Madrid (Spain) and I make cartoons videos to order. The software I currently use is Toon Boom Studio. If you have an idea, we can work together. This is my e-mail:


THE DEVASTATING MONSTER                                                                                          

I animated the trailer for the film The Devastating Monster at the Paris Council Adac animation workshop between 1999 and 2002, thanks to professor Vu Hoa’s inestimable help. I made the drawings by hand and colored them with pencils and markers, but I had to wait until 2008 to scan them and to make the video. The soundtrack is an extract from the work “End of a dream”, included in the album From Heaven, composed by NovenaVoz. The composer’s website is http://novenavoz.blogspot.com/.

ECO-ALIEN (Music: Stratosphere, by David O’Brien and Gareth Johnson)                     

THE NEW HYBRID (Music: Autumn Winds 7 Ver. 2-Opus 1, by The Music Collective)

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